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iab for Google play

zoolaxzoolax Member
edited May 2014 in Plugins
I have implemented iab plugin for google play,It works fine ,but sometimes it will stop working and I can not either install the package or run it on debugger.
I have tried deleting all the other google play plugins ,again sometimes it works and sometime it dose not.
This is the message I keep on getting.
Any idea any how to work around this?
(I have included a picture)
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  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    Interesting, System.loadLibrary is meant for loading native libraries, in this case .so files
    And it seems from time to time it can't load one of them. Is there a way to see the value passed to System.loadLibrary to find out which library it is?

    Do you have some NDK clearing and building set up, which might interfere with normal running, as deleting the libraries and building them back?
  • zoolaxzoolax Member
    in properties/ java build path/libraries/androidx.x.x.x/android.jar/source attachment
    I have attached sdk/source files for android 19,

    The reason I did that ,because it would tell me,
    It can not find the source file and it gives me some run time error.
    this is what I get:


    I have to say I have installed blue stack recently as well.
    and as for NDK ,I have re installed eclipse ,and no I do not have that.

  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    @zoolax the problem in your provided post, is that developer made a jar from the project he was using in other project, while he should have linked it as external library (usually because external project does not only contain libraries and code, but also resources)

    In your case, I have no idea what is happening. What plugins do you have in the project?
    Is the error consistent, as in happens all the time or after some specific steps? Or happens completely randomly?
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