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Turning off autocomplete :)

moopfmoopf Guru
edited February 2012 in General questions
Sorry for all the posts over the last few days, I'm trying to piece things together from the API and searching on the forum but there are some things that I just can't find an answer for.

This one should be a simple yes or no :) Is there any way to turn off autocomplete in the IDE for Gideros? I've never been a fan of autocomplete and tend to turn it off in all IDEs I use - in Gideros I'm finding that it's more of a pain because I'm having to press return twice when getting to the end of a line - once to get rid of the autocomplete, once to go to a new line. At the very least one return should cancel the autocomplete box and actually go to a new line I guess.

I know lots of people like autocomplete but is there any way to turn it off at the moment? It's ruining my flow :D I can't see any preferences in the app so I'm guessing the answer is no.

If it is no, any chance it'll be added? ;)


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