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Some questions regarding AdMob - Gideros Forum

Some questions regarding AdMob

DiscipleDisciple Member
edited March 2014 in Plugins
So I was stuck with getting AdMob to work since Saturday and exported a test project (and my main one) over and over, and searched the forums like crazy, until finally it worked :D

Now I have some questions if anyone can help me out (i'm using ar2rsawseen's plug in):
1) When I exported my project the resolution changed, making it all look smaller than it should and positioned (as you'd expect) at the top left corner of the screen. The ads show okay, though, at the bottom where I wanted them.
2) Although I have tested the ads some times now, in my AdMob account no impressions are shown. Is this normal? Also, I've noticed all of you who have posted examples write as the ID a string made up of numbers and letters, and mine have the prefix "ca-app-pub-" before all the mess. Do I need to remove that?

And if it's useful for anyone who has the same problem as I had, my app crashed when I tested it in a device through Eclipse. Surprisingly, it finally worked when I closed Eclipse (after doing all the process for implementing the plug-in) and then opening it again and testing the app. Guess I still have a lot to learn.
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