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exit game or replay

flyhereflyhere Member
edited March 2014 in Game & application design
2 questions , sort of related.

In my current game, I simply stop when all the hero's lives are gone, I just display a simple "game over".
My beta-tester reported that the app is still there and he can't relaunch or exit it, he has to go to his phone's home page, eject the app, then relaunch.

So I thought may be I should add 2 new options when the game is over: replay and exit game.
- exit game simply kills everything, so the game can be relaunched. How would I do that?
- replay would start the game from the beginning. I use scenemanager and scenecontroller, if I go back a page and go forward again, the game continues and not starting from the beginning. How can I re-initialize everything so the game restarts? Or if going back a page is not the best way, then what is the better way?

Would appreciate all pointers.


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