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An app promotion strategy

HarrisonHarrison Member
edited February 2014 in Marketplace
I have been thinking about this for a long time... imagine a app that has advertisements for the first couple days or so and than offers to remove ads in exchange for you rating the app. Actually, instead of days, make them get to level __ to remove ads. So what would happen is every user pays for the app with 30 min. (ish) of advertisements and than adds popularity to the app and... repeat exponentially!
(typically, i find that if a app "pays" you to rate their app, the app gets good ratings even though users still get the reward if they rate badly)
I just wanted to sort of... donate this marketing strategy i thought up to the community. It might be good, it might be terrible. I've never seen this done before. Is there a reason?
What do you think about this strategy (and feel free to use it )? :-bd

disclaimer: i know next to nothing about in app advertisements and marketing strategies. This may not even be possible.

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