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2D Freelance Art NOW through May 31st - Vectors Available! — Gideros Forum

2D Freelance Art NOW through May 31st - Vectors Available!

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Hi everyone

I am new here and looking for some freelance work :)


I specialize in 2D art for mobile and web, character designs, props, iconography and vector art!
If you're looking for affordable artwork for your project but need that extra umph of uniqueness and polish, I am your girl!

You can get in touch at ramtam [at] gmail dot com or through my website vectorgurl dot com

Just to give you an idea
Flat rates VECTOR CHARACTERS ONLY (first attachment):

1 character for $165

3 characters for $445/$150 each

5 characters for $725/$145 each

7 characters or more $130 each

10 characters or more $100 each

Something like these(4th attachment, final black and white image) ranges from $150 - 250

You retain the rights of the characters upon receipt of your final payment, as well as the original vector/psd files!

Please include things like:

*Estimated timeline for delivery

*Budget if you have one

*Details about your project (back story? still fleshing out ideas and need a little consultation?)

*Style References if you have any

*List of assets/artwork needed

Here’s a few of the “perks” I offer

*15% of cleared payment for signed referral (You refer someone, I work with them, you get 15% of their payment)
*Discounts for returning customers, up to 25%
*LIFETIME LOCKED IN RATE for returning customers, if my rates rise, you stay LOCKED IN FOR LIFE!
*Installment payment options
*Tons of smileys :)


Hope we can work together soon! :D
819 x 1024 - 186K
819 x 1024 - 366K
1024 x 544 - 318K
809 x 648 - 78K
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