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RenderTarget problem with my Nexus 7 - Gideros Forum

RenderTarget problem with my Nexus 7

achimenoachimeno Member
edited December 2013 in Bugs and issues

I've been trying to use RenderTarget in a drawing app in Android and so far results are good *except* when trying to execute in my Nexus7 (Android 4.3). I've been trying to simplify the code and, even with a single screen, when creating a RT object the app freezes.

Could somebody with similar hardware test this code?

local label = TextField.new(nil, "This won't work in my Nexus!?")
label:setPosition(120, 240)

-- Declaring a RenderTarget instance freezes the execution
renderTarget = RenderTarget.new(application:getLogicalWidth(), application:getLogicalHeight())


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