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First game in final testing - some thoughts — Gideros Forum

First game in final testing - some thoughts

pmannapmanna Member
edited January 2012 in Introduce yourself
Hi All,
I'm not posting much here, but now that my first game in Gideros is approaching release, I wanted to share some thoughts over the development.
First, I'm coming from a specific background, thus probably a slightly different perspective: always on Apple, since 25 years back, and Objective-C since 20 years (yes, it was a NeXT black box then), it looked very natural to me to proceed to develop for the iPhone with the tools I was familiar with. And it worked (and it's still working), I've produced far more in the last 2 years than ever before!

Now, a year ago, enter Lua for game development (OK, it wasn't Gideros then, obviously): I was hooked, it was so simple to get things working, it was even fun to get something done! But, as we all know, I was sometime frustrated by the limitations the Lua development system purposely put on me, so I was very interested when I've found that Gideros could do the same and overcome all limitations at once!

- A decent IDE, getting better at any iteration
- A better class structure, that actually encouraged the object oriented approach I was used to
- Over-The-Air development on the device: pure genius! I wish I had it from Apple... And, compared to the 5mins+ I had to wait with the earlier system for each test, an absolute blessing
- Regular compilation with local tools, so that I can try to customize my needs, even without plugins (with some limitations, of course)
- And now, the plugins: sky is the limit!

Overall, it's taken some time to port the game to Gideros and get acquainted to it, but then, development has proceeded faster than any other system I could think about: the engineers are doing an excellent job, they really deserve our appreciation (but I'm sure I don't need to write this here).

Thanks to Atilim, Gorkem and everyone at Gideros Mobile, looking forward next challenge with it!

P.S. I can't talk much about the game itself right now, but I surely will when it will go public!
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