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Oh-another-weekly-update! :) — Gideros Forum


  • MikeHartMikeHart Guru
    edited January 2012
    Thanks for the update.

    I am waiting desperately for the navigatable function list inside the editor. Right now I need to use my own editor IndeED to find code fast and switch between IndeED and Gideros.
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    @mikehart yes, that's the one big thing we'll have a look immediately after launch of the stable version and I believe many devs are waiting for that. Thank you again for heads up, reminding something again and again always keeps us awake. :)
  • ... reminding something again and again always keeps us awake. :)
    Ok, I keep quite then. Seems to bother you. And frankly I didn't see it that way. :-S
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer

    You are our hero that pings us all the time and force us to work, which is what we NEED, and frankly saying, we WANT. ^:)^ We love exchanging ideas with all the guys here.

    Please do not misunderstand us, and keep us busy please. :) I didnt mean to say to be quite, and didn't mean it in any ways.

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