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Gideros with R.U.B.E

BigWinstonBigWinston Member
edited October 2013 in Code snippets

I've been using the excellent R.U.B.E Box2D editor (https://www.iforce2d.net/rube/) with a view to using it as a level/game editor for my Gideros projects.

One of my first steps is to create a loader that may be extended for any Box2D based game. I'm sharing my development effort here for anyone that may be interested, or that it may help.

I'm also opening this up as a collaborative effort project. Please feel free to make or suggest your own improvements or additions via branches and please provide feedback, ideas or report issues using the BitBucket repository tools.

(p.s. it may take me a while to get the BitBucket settings for the repository set correctly - please bear with me!)

Here's the repository: https://bitbucket.org/BigWinston/girube. It contains the source, an issue tracker and a wiki that I'll be putting any documentation into.



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  • That's awesome news @BigWinston - I was looking around for an RUBE importer for a side project a while ago -- bookmarked :)
  • I am experimenting with your Gideros R.U.B.E. project to load some iOS samples of box2d json scenes given in the official web (https://www.iforce2d.net/rube/loaders/rube-iOS-sample-project-src.zip).

    It seems number are expressed in hexadecimal, I solved that using tonumber(value, 16) function to translate hexadecimal to decimal number. But when I load some polygon I get the error "Polygon should be convex and should have a CCW winding order" when fixture body is created. ¿Have you get this error previosly?
  • iforce2diforce2d Member
    edited December 2013
    Make sure you are loading a .json file, not the .rube file which is intended for the editor to use.

    Some of the .json files have been exported using a hexadecimal representation of floating point values, which is ok for the C++ loader used in the iOS sample, but most of the others (Java, Javascript etc) cannot do that and have instead been exported using normal ascii representation of floats. You could try a .json file from one of the other sample loaders.

    The hexadecimal representation is the 4 bytes that make up the raw IEEE float value, so tonumber(value, 16) will not even be close to the correct value :)

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