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GidHelix my first game made using Gideros Studio is Here!!!! :) — Gideros Forum

GidHelix my first game made using Gideros Studio is Here!!!! :)

GregBUGGregBUG Guru
edited February 2012 in General questions
Just finished my first game "GidHelix" (made with Gideros)
i started it like and exercise to learn lua and gideros and...... here is it a little simple game...
hope you like it... ;)

next day i'll publish it in the android market for free... (sorry no ios active account... if someone want publish form me just let me know...) think at this like a "private beta" .... :)

Video Link:

this is the download link for android and ios (google code, select download):


ps: i'm really interested to know how it work on really slow or old devices (i think that the phisycs behaves erratically)
and what do you think...

sources release in some days... (i really really need to clean and make it more elegant....) ;)

PS: video and Google download are uploading now... (slow connection today)
if link to not works wait a little bit...

Ciao Ciao

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