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PVR texture support in Gideros? — Gideros Forum

PVR texture support in Gideros?

josgrahajosgraha Member
edited January 2012 in General questions
Hi All,
Just wondering if PVR texture compression is supported in Gideros for iOS? Also does Gideros support TexturePacker format? Just wanted to add that this is totally due to my ignorance of the Texture management in Gideros (sorry).

Joe Graham


  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    At first, PVR textures were supported. But then we've disabled this functionality because:
    - PVRT compression artifacts are usually unacceptable for 2d games
    - We were not sure if all Android devices support PVRTC

    TexturePacker http://www.texturepacker.com/ already supports Gideros Texture Pack format. You can directly use it.

    I wonder if PVR textures are crucial for your application. Maybe we're missing an important point.
  • josgrahajosgraha Member
    edited January 2012
    Nah not that important, may be a lack of understanding on my part but IIRC PowerVR chips require a conversion step for non-PVR image formats. Also there might be a slight memory savings but the real performance boost in 2d games is obviously the "baked" (non-procedural) content so I get the quality point you are making. Currently working on 2 titles, a platformer (short-term) deliverable and a tile based strategy (longer term) deliverable. Thanks so much for the info, I didn't notice texturepacker already supported Gideros, wow you gotta love that app.
  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    Afaik, PVR and non-PVR textures are stored differently on memory and PVR textures have _huge_ memory saving ratio such as 1/6. On the other hand, now mobile devices have a lot texture memory available.

    Hoping to hear good news about your games.
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