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Monetize Your App and Get a Kindle Fire HD



  • may I ask you about your refreshing of the ads rate?
    ---------> 45 seconds



    lets see after all i had not submitted few of my games in amazon so good time to submit those and i can always give update to change the ad network


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  • Hi all

    Good news, at least for the Kindle: only requests count for the promotion, not impressions.

    So I think we still have a chance.

    Got this info from Amazon Support:
    This would be the expected result for any location outside the US, ad impressions will only be delivered in the US.
    If you are implementing ads for the free Kindle promotion note that we are only requiring requests, not impressions, so you will still qualify.

    This is negative for monetization (if you don't have a big US audience) but at least for the Kindle it isn't an issue.


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  • Ok. We have amazon ads now. But what about in-apps? It will be free aplication with ads. So we need in-apps for it, yes?
  • We already started working on Common IAB interface. First will implement OUYA as a test case, because that is the last one I've implemented and have the most fresh memories about it.
    Then will come the others, and I can make Kindle IAP a priority as next, problem is I don't have kindle devices and have no idea how it will or will not work with plain Android.
    Are there anyone that will be willing to help me when I get to that?
  • Khm. Why you need Kindle? Amazon appstore works for every device.
  • problem is I don't have kindle devices and have no idea how it will or will not work with plain Android
    If you say it works, then great :)

  • My application is accepted. Hope that it will has enough requests.
  • @unlying so you were able to upload document without sending it through the post?
  • I don't include in-app in current version.
    But yes, it is possible to complete registration for in-app billing without sending anything(even without uploading). You just have to point that you prepare to give your electronic signature.
  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    edited August 2013
    hello folks
    firstly if you already submited an app with Amazon Ads, I encourage you to upgrade to newer Ads Interface version, which fixes lots of amazon ad bugs, including auto refreshing amazon ads (thus generating more ad requests) :)

    And I'd encourage you to put amazon ads also in other stores, not only amazon appstore, and if you are afraid of loosing the revenue, then don't be, with common ads interface, you can easily fallback to any other supported ad framework:
    local amazon = Ads.new("amazon")
    local admob = Ads.new("admob")
    local isAmazon = true
    amazon:addEventListener(Event.AD_FAILED, function()
        if isAmazon then
            isAmazon = false
    admob:addEventListener(Event.AD_FAILED, function()
        if isAmazon == false then
            isAmazon = true
  • @ar2rsawseen Hello, I submited my app with Amazon Ads yesterday. I need to upgrade Ads Interface version?

  • @soy_ismael do you remember which version of the Ads Interface you used or when did you download it?
    If you are not using fallback, then only thing that interests you is auto refresh.

    So you can open up src/giderosmobile/android/plugins/ads/AdsAmazon.java and check if there is a startTimer/stopTimer functions there.

    If yes, then version you have supports auto ad refreshing ;)
  • So, the period is over, how did you guys do in terms of ad requests? :)
    any one is going to get their kindle?
  • @ar2rsawseen
    please read further if you are not going to angry on me

    I had not even integrated amazon ads 8-X

  • well suit yourself, Mashballs, gathered more than 500 requests every week, so lets see what will happen :)
  • that's the great Go for kindle by the way i dont wear suits i usually wear jeans and shirt :D

  • I have about 1000-1500 requests per day. Waiting for email...
  • Qualifying developers will receive an e-mail starting week of October 21, 2013 and terminating by Nov 30th, 2013 detailing if they have qualified for a free Kindle Fire. If an e-mail is nor received by November 30th, 2013 you have not qualified for a free Kindle Fire. The shipping window is November 30th > December 31st, 2013 - There is no guarantee on arrival times, especially for international deliveries which must go through customs.
  • Does anybody receive e-mail?
  • DanDan Member
    edited October 2013
    I had on average 14k requests / week. Didn't receive any email yet. And I'm curious if someone did, because I'm troubled by one thing in terms and conditions: "Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time in its discretion.". If they are really bastards, they could say that they've cancel it and that's it.

    OK, I wouldn't care so much about getting a Kindle Fire for free (was planning to test apps on it) but these 14k requests / week = 222k ad requests for the whole period (published my apps with amazon ads on 31 of July) on which I've used Amazon's ads (where I've had a fill rate of 1%, 37 clicks and 3$ revenue :))))))) ) would translate on ~222$ on AdMob (where the fill rate is around 99.5% and CPM of 1.05). 222$ which I've lost because I've used Amazon's ads.
  • hgvyas123hgvyas123 Guru
    edited October 2013
    so $222 - $3 = kindle fire hd. worth it :))

  • DanDan Member
    so $222 - $3 = kindle fire hd. worth it :))

    _IF_ they will send it ;)
  • I have 84000 requests, 9500 imressions, 246 clicks and earn 9.86$
  • @Dan
    so $222 - $3 = kindle fire hd. worth it :))

    Ehm, the price was recently cut down after unveiling of the new HDX series...

  • Dear Developer,


    Congratulations!  Your Amazon Mobile Ad Network-enabled apps have qualified you for a free Kindle Fire HD 7” under the terms of our recent limited time offer.

    And another good news. After submitting my information there was message that they will send Amazon Kindle Fire HDX.
  • DanDan Member
    Got the email as well. But they ask about company name... dunno what to put there...
  • Looks like they will upgrade to HDX for US developers only.

    I've tried asking support for the upgrade anyway (here in Italy the HDX will ship in a couple of weeks, so that isn't a good reason not to upgrade us anyway).

  • @Dan you need to put all the same info you have in your developer account, this is just for the purpose of confirming it :)

    @eclisse wow, do keep us posted for an upgrade option :)
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