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Shared Movie Clip

CyberienceCyberience Member
edited May 2013 in Game & application design
Now, a Sprite Sheet, can be shared, loading the individual parts into Sprites.
but what if, I create a master animation. say for example a Running Man, use MovieClip to make the Animation and so I have a stand alone Sprite I can move around, while internally it Animates,
Good So far.
Now I want to create a sprite of the running Legs, another of the arms, one of the head.
The only way I can think to do this is to make 3 Independence sprites with their own movie clips. is there a way to effectively create an interdependent sprite (View) of the individual parts of the animation, so that I can manipulate them separately, but the animation is managed by the parent sprite?

Maybe a Simple way to explain this is to create a magnifying glass of animations, and then you can create a optical illusion of the magnifying glass, and the animation runs as normal.
This is a simple explanation and if this was exactly the case, I could just duplicate the animations, but for my purpose, I could have 100 simultaneous views of a single animated movie clip.

Another simple way would be if it was possible to use a sprite as an image source for texture map.


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  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    edited May 2013
    Hello @Cyberience, do you mean like if you'd have a human, than to animate their body parts separately?

    You could for example, have a main Sprite and multiple movieclips as its child, each movieclip being an animated separate limb, etc. Since movie clips can also be tweened, you can, not only use frame animation, but also tween them to move.

    Then you can move the parent sprite to move you character, as movieclips will be the child of the main Sprite, they will move with it.

    Or did I misunderstand something?
  • Thanks for your response, no quite the opposite. I was using the human as an example. but image I have a grassy scene, with moving clouds and waving grass. and I want to break up the scene and make a sliding puzzle. with X,Y unknown segments, using the method you suggest, i would need to create a Movie Clip for every square.
    This could get quite daunting, where as the simple way of looking at it is to create a window to the animation and represent the windowed position within the tile, regardless of the tiles position, it will always show the allocation segment on the master animation.
    REAL programmers type copy con filename.exe
  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    @Cyberience for this most probably you would have to wait for render to texture, as I am, had similar idea and created a prototype actually the way you mentioned, but it is not an efficient solution.
    With render to texture you would be able to render some scene and just break the rendered image into pieces and update it on enter frame, having only on scene with all the animations
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