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Change Letterbox White Bars to Black — Gideros Forum

Change Letterbox White Bars to Black

MillerszoneMillerszone Member
edited September 2011 in General questions
Is it possible to change the Letterbox White bars to black?
Actually I would always like to keep the background black when using Scaling.

Thank you.

Sample picture(you can see the top and bottom letterbox white bars):


  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    Next version will come with Stage:setBackgroundColor and Stage:getBackgroundColor (which will be released in about 2 weeks)

    Before waiting for the next version, you can keep your image a bit larger to fill the empty areas or you can add a large solid rectangle with Shapes like:
    -- assume your logical dimensions are 320x480 and your stage orientation is portrait
    local background = Shape.new()
    background:setFillStyle(Shape.SOLID, 0xff0000) -- fill color is red
    background:moveTo(-100, -100)
    background:lineTo(320+100, -100)
    background:lineTo(320+100, 480+100)
    background:lineTo(-100, 480+100)

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  • Worked great. I was using landscape, so had to change a few numbers.

    Thank you.
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