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CyberienceCyberience Member
edited April 2013 in Roadmap
I understand the Roadmap will release a Windows 8 version, so my question is what will be the result of the command
when this happens?
For example, in Windows it returns Windows. so int he windows 8 what will be returned? will it be Windows 8 Mobile, and the Desktop just says windows?

I ask this question because it relates to my debuging routines, so I can globally disable features during the development phase automatically.
debug = (application:getDeviceInfo() == "Windows" or application:getDeviceInfo() == "Mac OS") 
local lag = (debug) and 1 or 20
Unless somone has a better way of setting automatic debug switch,,,,, UI use both a mac and a Windows for development, Sugarsynched together, so I can work on my code where ever I am or what ever I am doing.
REAL programmers type copy con filename.exe


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