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Is it possible to change the FPS? — Gideros Forum

Is it possible to change the FPS?

MillerszoneMillerszone Member
edited September 2011 in General questions
I've been testing some of the examples included with 2011.9 beta.
I noticed two of the Tile Map examples(Desert and Sewers) are laggy on the iPhone 3GS,
not using the player. I exported and built from Xcode.

It looks like it might be only getting 15FPS. Is there a command or setting to set the FPS?
What is the default FPS set at?
I know you can set the FPS with the Gideros Player under hardware.

I found out multi-touch works with the example "Touch Explorer" which is good.

I also been messing around with scaling under project properties.
Setting scale mode to Letterbox, logical dimensions to 320x480 and
Suffix @2x at 2.0 switches to the 640x960 images when I select iphone4.


  • atilimatilim Maintainer

    Currently it's not possible to set the FPS. You see about 15FPS because the underlying tile map implementation is not optimized yet and we will definitely optimize it. We just want to release the tile map implementation as it is and leave the optimization to next release.

    While testing Touch Explorer you can also comment out the print statement (at line 29) to obtain smoother response.

    I'm glad you're messing around the automatic image resolution feature. The implementation is complete and waiting for more documentation about it.

    Please keep inspecting :)

  • Thanks for the quick reply.
    So since its not possible to set the FPS, is the default 30 or 60 FPS?

    Thank you.
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    Defaults to 60.
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