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Who is working on which plugins? — Gideros Forum

Who is working on which plugins?

MikeHartMikeHart Guru
edited December 2011 in General questions
Hi folks,

is anyone here (besides Atilim) working on a plugin for Gideros? If yes, what kind of?

I am working on a UIKit plugin.

Last night I was finally able to detect a damn click on a button. Now I will study who to fire an event. The gamekit plugin is a very good info for this.

So, what are you working on?


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  • I mentioned elsewhere that animation and drawing are the mode I am currently in but as soon as possible I will be heading back into coding mode and the first thing I want to look at is plugin creation.


    What would you do for your other half?

  • Hi Mike,

    what kind of plugin do you want to create or do you just want to study on how to do this at first?

  • I will be looking at how its done initially for Gideros.

    For me I want to look at native system font use and native keyboards etc so that I can convert our current seller over from the other Lua based language. There was something else but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was.

    That's the problem with me. I can either be in coding mode or artist mode but not both at the same time. It was fine up until recently. Then my business partner decided that he wanted to go do something else instead of putting the knowledge we have gained over the past two years into use. Up to now he could concentrate on coding and I could get on with developing my art. Now I have to force my head into two modes depending on what I am doing. "Jack of all trades, master of none", comes to mind. ;)

    That's why, from time to time, you will get stupid questions on here to do with coding from me. ;)

    What would you do for your other half?

  • I will have textfields which have the native keyboard covert and will see that you can set the font for the text fields too.
  • Excellent. :D

    What would you do for your other half?

  • Ok, here is the current stand on the IOS UI plugin. Thanks to Atilim we have the following controls working:

    -AlertViews (Up to 5 buttons)
    -TextFields (with automatic native keyboard)

    Besides the label, all controls report changes back via events. Again thanks to Atilim who helps me tiresly whenever I hit a wall.

  • WOW!!!
    Is it possible to test plugins? :D
  • Not atm. I want to add more stuff to it. But it won't be much longer. I have hit another conceptual wall where I need help from Atilim but then I hope I can finish this baby.
  • Of course, you can test and create plugins for ISO with beta #7 already! :)
  • CarolineCaroline Guru
    edited January 2012
    I'm working on a Core Data plugin. I have no idea yet how far this is achievable or even useful, as I don't know how many people will want to use Core Data, but it is a useful experience for me to learn how to write a plugin, as I am new to Lua and C/C++, having a year or so in Objective C.

    My first major success tonight was to create a database in the plugin with a schema of two entities with several attributes entirely defined in Gideros like this:
    require "myplugin"
    database = CBDatabase.new("employees.sqlite")
    employee = CBEntity.new("Employee")
    employee.attributes = { employeeNo = { type = CBAttributeType.NSInteger16, optional = false, length = 1 },
    			firstName = { type = CBAttributeType.NSString, optional = true, length = 20 },
    			lastName = { type = CBAttributeType.NSString, optional = true, length = 20 },
    			department = { type = CBAttributeType.NSString, optional = true, length = 4 }
    dept = CBEntity.new("Dept")
    dept.attributes = { 	department = { type = CBAttributeType.NSString, optional = true, length = 4 },
    		        departmentName = { type = CBAttributeType.NSString, optional = false, length = 20 }
    MyPlugin.openDB(myplugin, database)
    Do you think that format of sending data to the plugin is OK? (I need to change the name of "myplugin" ;)).

    Over the next few days I will be trying to insert and retrieve data, and also work out if I can define relationships. (It's not very useful if I can't define relationships @-) .)

    I'm not yet sure how to send an NSSet to Gideros - I assume that I will be able to do it with tables.

    Edit: looking at that code, I will come up with better constant names for the Attribute Types, as in Integer, String, etc.

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  • Hey, that looks great! Maybe shorten the CBAttributeType to CBAttrib or something like that.
    The thought about tables is a good one. The gamekit example shows how to build a table for an event listener.
  • Personally I am still working on an uikit plugin and an ad (MobFox/InMobi) plugin. At the moment. Both have problems with beta8 so Atilim will look into this when he finds time. The uikit plugin also has a problem with subviews atm, where I need his help too. Once this is solved I am positive to release these soon for you guys.
  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    looks great!

    currently working on UIKit subview compatibility :)
  • Atilim, maybe everything that is needed for "attachToRootView" can be added to gideros? This way I don't have to repeat this functionality in the UIKit and everything that needs subviews to be attached?
  • I decided to stop working on my plugins.

    @Atilim, as I had send you the lasted code a few days ago, feel free to post it here or work further on yourself. You have put in so much time helping me that I could understand that you want to keep this closed. Thanks for all your help, I appreciated it very very much!
  • Hi folks,

    I am sorry for my shown frustration yesterday. I am in financial troubles and yesterday was ultra sensitive. I will release my ads plugin and work on it. The UIKit plugin, Atilim has to decide.

    Sorry again for the confusion. Next time I am depressed I will just hide under a rock and won't touch a keyboard.

  • Sympathies, Mike :( - it's very hard to make a living as an indie in this environment. (And it's also hard to retract throwing a wobbly on the internet :) )
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  • Mike, bad times will come and go, but it is the good times that we have to hold on to so that when things are bad we can tell ourselves that the good times are just around the corner :)

    Stay strong Mike, I hope your future with gideros is healthy and wealthy :)
  • Michael, next time you're down, take a break, go have a cold one. I think you're doing a great job and I've only been here a few days so I'm sure Gideros will not forget people like you when they hit it big. Just hang in there :)

    Don't forget to have fun :)
  • MikeHartMikeHart Guru
    edited February 2012
    Ok, the crash in beta 8 is solved. How? By reinstalling beta 8. Strange but hey, it works now.
    Let me wrap up the Ads plugin now.

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