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Orientation bug in Player on Motorola Xoom? — Gideros Forum

Orientation bug in Player on Motorola Xoom?

DudDud Member
edited December 2011 in General questions
Hi, I've been successfully testing the Gideros player on my Android HTC Desire without problems - however if I try to run the player on my Motorola Xoom tablet it crashes every time (it briefly runs whilst trying to change to Portrait mode then exits). The android debug log is not much help so I instead tried to export the Chains example project as a Java project and run it via Eclipse. I specifically set the Gideros IDE project settings to be the correct resolution for Xoom and Landscape mode before exporting to Java and yet when looking at the project manifest file in Eclipse it still specified Portrait mode. Sure enough when trying to run the app it exhibits the same behaviour as trying to run the Player - it exits straight away.

However, if I manually change the Android manifest file to specify Landscape mode the app does then run on the Xoom however the chains are in the wrong location. So it would seem that trying to run either the player or any project in Portrait mode on the Xoom crashes where as if you run in landscape mode it runs but the screen display is then not oriented correctly.

I know I'm not being very specific here but I guess I'm just trying to say that you may need to do more work for the Android player on tablet devices - although if I've made a foolish mistake by all means correct me as I'm still learning Gideros :D


  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    Thank you for the detailed explanation.

    OpenGL on Android doesn't like orientation changes. When rotation changes automatically, OpenGL context is recreated and this messes up everything. Therefore we've decided to fix orientation to Portrait and doesn't allow autorotation.

    In the case of Motorola Xoom, default device orientation is Landscape. And even we force Portrait orientation at manifest file, the orientation changes from Landscape to Portrait after the application starts.

    We couldn't catch this error up to now because our test tablet's default device orientation is Portrait. We'll handle this soon.

    Thank you again


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