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More Androids than babies... is the Google Play better place for indie? — Gideros Forum

More Androids than babies... is the Google Play better place for indie?

fxonefxone Member
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Apple Store scares me: over 60% apps have never been downloaded, look at this interesting infographic:
more androids than babies.png
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  • Meh, infographics are generally pointless for anything other than 'look at the pretty'.

    So what if 60% of apps in Apple's app store haven't been downloaded even once? I'm surprised it's so low as 99.9% of apps in the app store are absolute rubbish. What this infographic completely fails to show (and I don't think it's concerned with it in fairness) is that, despite huge numbers of Android devices, extracting money from those users is akin to finding rocking horse poo :)

    So, to answer the question in the subject of your post - it's consistently shown that whilst Android devices may be incredibly numerous, in terms of actually getting users to part with their cash for your apps Apple's eco-system is your best bet. Although I'm sure things will change over time.
  • Honestly, I feel like as an indie (especially if you're talking a person or 2) you really just need to focus on your game and worry less about all the numbers. That doesn't mean ignore getting the word out there obviously, but if you think your game is fun someone else will too. The best thing you can do is just have lots of people play it as you go, I think, to make sure it is fun. If it's a niche game, you may need to accept it's not for everyone but just get as much input as you can as you build it seems to be pretty common advice as well as just make the better game like @techdojo has said a lot as well.
  • fxonefxone Member
    @moopf yeah I know: "Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital." I only vote for better life for android developers here... :D
    @zvardin I always try to treat the project like you said; but publishers like LeTang suggested me that I should only try copying what is popular.. I think that such task is overwhelming for one person. Anyway my goal is for now 300$ monthly from Admob by Google Play like @hgvys123 has achieved.
  • @fxone Following LeTang's advice would be to fundamentally go against all the positives that being an indie developer allows. Look at the all the fantastic games that would never have been produced if it wasn't for indies with an idea, passion and the ability to do something you'd never likely get backing for through traditional means.

    But making games is overwhelming, if you're not out to just copy something. And it should be - it should be difficult, it should require head-scratching, learning, culling, iteration and polishing. If the process doesn't you're not doing it right.

    And the real kicker (it's often hard to hear this is you're an indie with an idea) is that you can have the most amazing, unique idea possible but if it doesn't have the visual (and audio) gloss it's unlikely it will ever catch on. People will discount things on first glance if it doesn't look the part. But it can be really simple - look at Super Hexagon as a good example of that. Simple visuals but smooth as butter and just work.

    And I've said it before here - if your idea brings nothing new at all to a genre it's probably not worth doing it at all. Sorry.

    That's why 60% of apps haven't been downloaded on the app store - it's shovel-ware that adds no value to what's already available r has been done many times before.

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  • If there is a style out there you like that's fine. There is a lot to take from what's popular but you can still make it your own. I don't think it can be forced though. If you want to make a platformer for instance then you should look at games out there and decide what you like and don't. Then ask yourself why would you play your game over others. It could be you have an art style that you really want to do or some cool new mechanic.

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