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Event.ENTER_FRAME Consuming Large Number of CPU Cycles — Gideros Forum

Event.ENTER_FRAME Consuming Large Number of CPU Cycles

incipientincipient Member
edited March 2013 in General questions
Hi All!

I have followed a few Gideros tutorials, however generally "learn by doing". I use the 'game loop' (Event.ENTER_FRAME loop) to do 99% of my animation - say moving an object from left to right across the screen.

I am planning to dev for Android/iOS, but am currently working on my Win7 Box (3.2GHz, dual core, non-HT) .

With 2 static sprites and a black background i get small CPU use - about 10-20%. When i add a Event.ENTER_FRAME listener, to an empty function, the CPU sits at about 80%. Event.ENTER_FRAME is called on a custom class, extending Sprite.

Is this normal? Worried if a full X86 3.2GHz dual core CPU is using about 80%, that a phone may well...explode.

Thanks for any help!


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