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mumujamumuja Member
edited December 2011 in General questions
I have googled around I can't find a good benchmark of gideros, I know for a fact that developers really care about performance, perhaps this really could be a great marketing tool for gideros and also to reassure the devs that are already using it :)

PS: glad to be back :)


  • oh I forgot one thing, does gideros support IAP support yet? I know there is a native plugin that got released recently but I lack the knowledge of obj-c to implement it myself :(
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    Gianluca (@gregbug) who's writing a helicopter game with Gideros (a very secret game nobody has seen yet :-) ) has examined the performance of Gideros with other frameworks here:


    Hope this helps.
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    Could you please let us know when you exactly need the IAP?
  • the IAP hopefully around 2 months? I already have an old codebase of my game that I'm thinking to convert to Gideros, though frankly im not sure how the performance would fare...maybe I can do a bunnymark performance benchmark:

    basically it boils down to how many display objects can be shown on the screen at the same time before the performance starts to degrade..
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    Around 2 months for IAP is good estimate for us too (but I feel that someone out there will be writing this plugin before 2 months time, since IAP is an easy plugin with the new plugin system).

    Atilim has been working particularly on the benchmarking for quite some time and Android performance is far more superior than other (Lua based) frameworks out there.
    For example, after a dev pointed out the slowness of tilemap implementation he added the automatic clipping support in tilemaps and now you can work with huge tilemaps without compromising performance.

    But it's always a plus that you run your own tests objectively (including all issues you bump into) and share everything openly here, so we understand the bottlenecks, and take corrective & preventive actions - even warn the developers beforehand. We'd be glad to see any qualitative and quantitative test results you could share with us, just like Gianluca did in one of his posts.

    Note: For some reasons, we (specifically, Gideros Team) do not want to compare Gideros Studio with any frameworks, including big ones like Flash & Flash Lite :-) This is something we wish to leave to our developers so to let them choose the framework of their own. Otherwise one starts feeling like you are a fanboy of your own tool - yes we do *love* our job, but positive interaction, honesty & objectiveness should come first, even before Gideros :) What I'm talking about may not be directly related to your post, but wanted to mention :) Thank you for your understanding. ;-)

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  • @mumuja
    Hi! like gorkem said i've do some little tests to compare Gideros VS other sdk
    personally i think Gideros had the best balance from usabilty and performaces.

    on android it run very very fast and smooth (compared with other sdk, sorry but i have not tested on ios device... ahhhrggg! my son!!).

    now i'm make a little game (to learn gideros SDK and lua) and i'm really happy with performaces considered that i use heavy physics (with custom shapes, joints, etc) and animated sprites, etc

    i also coded the same game with Mon*ey but on android the performances was very low (i think that box2d in Mo*key kill the performaces). (on my samsung galaxy S).

    another things is that the Gideros Team have the best support i ever seen. (just see my continuos questions on the forum!!!)

    this days i'm very busy at work (just found a moment to write this post) and the coding of my game is slowed down, but i hope to publish the game in a week or two!.. :(

    after that you can test Gideros on a "real" (real is a big world ;) ) game. :) (i will release also the sources).


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  • @GregBUG thanks for the quick benchmark, and I have to agree, their support is top notch, very fast. I cant wait to test your game :) any trailer you might be able to share?

    @gorkem thanks for the reply, I respect your take on the benchmark, perhaps I can do a quick one on my own and share it :)
  • @gorkem: I love how you guys don't bash other tools and concetrate on your own. =D>
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