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Modified FlipPageView

bravcmbravcm Member
edited March 2013 in Step by step tutorials
Hello to all,

I'm stuck with modified FlipPageView and need some help. My goal is to use PageCurl effect on next/prev page. But unfortunate doesn't work well. During transition to next page background is not on the same position as on the start/end. Any hint why?

Thanks in advance!


  • talistalis Guru
    edited March 2013 Accepted Answer
    reserved .. (I found the solution posting now, saving my first place for ninja attacks :)

    Edit comes:
    Just no need for setanchor point and setposition for your backgrounds. Automatic scaling is already choosing the best picture for your background pictures.
    See the code for your page0 . Also comment those two lines in page1 and the problem solved.
    function Page0:init(pageNo, parent)
    	self.no = pageNo
    	--use texture with filtering
    	self.tx = Texture.new("images/bg.jpg", true)
    	self.background = Bitmap.new(TextureRegion.new(self.tx))	
    	--set position in center
            --Comment out those 2 lines..
            --self.background:setAnchorPoint(0.5, 0.5)
    	--self.background:setPosition(conf.width/2, conf.height/2)

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