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8 Puzzle Game


  • talistalis Guru
    edited February 2013
    KongoRats :) It seems interesting i will surely try and comment.

    I can just recommend you to update Description part in google play.

    In my own opinion what makes a game interesting is it's storyline. (Yes even it is a puzzle game) Because nowadays there are millions of games around the market. So in order to be realized by the consumers you have to make something interesting.
    It is not so much diffucult to generate one.
    Just try to answer theese questions:

    1-Who the player is?
    2-Why and what purpose the player will sort out numbers?
    3-What is the main goal?

    So let me try one storyline for your game:

    1-The player will be a technician from the S.E.T.I project. (Mike)
    2-Mike is working in S.E.T.I project to discover new species. One day while he is performing usual maintanance procedures in one of computers the computer starts to receive some signal from the S.E.T.I satellites. And he understands that theese are not random numbers. He discovered that some alien species is trying to understand that if humans are clever enough to reply. Help Mike to prove to alien species that humans are celever.
    3-Prove our intelligence to Aliens.

    I made up this storyline in 2 minutes so do not expect to be perfect:D I am sure if you will brainstorm some time much more better storyline can be created. :D

    After storyline will be decided you can add some storyline elements to your game like;
    -Some small portrait of mike in the game (like upper corners), or in the game icon.
    -In game achievements like : IQ level achievement, after solving 10 3x3 puzzled ape intelligence level reached :)
    After solving 8x8 10 times Einstein level reacheda and so on....
    -Social network posts like: (Tweeter, facebook...)
    PlayerX helped Mike to prove to Aliens human intelligence. Why not you will help Mike out?....

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  • denizdeniz Maintainer
    Congratulations! <:-P
  • Congrats - it feels great to see your app on the store.

    One question - why is called 8 Puzzle when you can have multiple sized boards? ;)

    Have you thought about creating a version that has pictures as well as / instead of numbers?
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  • Talis, thanks a lot for your advices. I will consider them.

    Techodo, yes we've thought picture versions and we'll change the name.. If you've any idea about name you can share with us :)

  • It is fifteen game with some set of boards. I made this game using gideros, but only for 4x4. It is hard to get through many other same games without something new. Anyway good luck.
  • Actually the pictures would tie up quite nicely with Talis's ideas - in fact if it was me, I'd make a new app by re-skinning this as a puzzle game, more of interactive story comic thing and have the progression through a series of images and progressively harder boards.
    WhiteTree Games - Home, home on the web, where the bits and bytes they do play!
    #MakeABetterGame! "Never give up, Never NEVER give up!" - Winston Churchill
  • mertocanmertocan Member
    edited February 2013
    Is this developed with Gideros?

    Edit: Yes , I saw it when i run it :D
  • Congratz !

    In my opinion, the white box icon doesn't look professional so you should better design a new one. Remember while ppl searching, a good looking icon will have more chance to be clicked

    Just my 2 cents
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