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Update Documentation - iOS specific.

bernardbernard Member
edited October 2011 in General questions

I have been going thru the Documentation of the API and as a NEW user of LUA I find that the documentation is incomplete.

For instance in one of the samples you have this line:


Now for an iPhone and iPad the size of the displayed area will depend on the dimensions of the PNG. So if the PNG is 1024x768 then the app is for iPad and will not display correctly on the iPhone.

The documentation displays only 2 items for stage:

The Stage class represents the top of the scene tree hierarchy. The instances of Stage is not created directly (there is not any Stage.new function) but there is already a global variable stage


No where is it mentioned about stage:addChild

So where can I get complete documentation about this? Corona SDK also uses LUA but they use a different call:


I have searched in Google but cannot find anything , Is stage specific to your API or is it generic to LUA and where can I find out more info about this?

I feel this is important because this "stage" is what the user sees and is the basic top level object/class.

Also If I want to make a universal app how can I find out if this is an iPad or iPhone and so change the background image to give the correct display size?



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