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IOS Player Issue — Gideros Forum

IOS Player Issue

plamenplamen Member
edited December 2012 in Bugs and issues
Hi guys,
I've been busy until Christmas and couldn't replace my Gideros framework with the latest one. Now i replaced it from 2012.09.2 to 2012.09.5. There is significant performance difference and i need an idea where to find the problem. I have no compilation errors or any kind of warning messages. Everything is loaded properly and the only thing i turned off /commented in the code/ is the new sound loop method. I have both IOS players installed on my device and when i start the project it runs perfectly well on 09.2 and very shaky on the new one 09.5. The frame rate is unstable going up and down. Any suggestions which of the new features might have something related to this performance difference are welcome.


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