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Virtual keyboard?

Unknown Member
edited October 2011 in General questions
Anyone know how to show virtual keyboard or to create a text box in Gideros?



  • atilimatilim Maintainer

    Virtual keyboard and text boxes are not supported yet. It's scheduled for future releases.

  • Atilim,

    Are we talking "native" virtual keyboard & text boxes? For example, on my Android or iPhone, when you click a Text Box, a keyboard (from your device) recognizes you're inside of an entry box, and then prompts the virtual keyboard to enter information.

    Not having the ability to collect information from the user might make it impossible to collect a username and/or password?

    I would like to use Gideros for more than just games, so this might be something I may need if it's not already capable of doing it.

    I have not tested yet.


  • Oh and also, I don't think the textbox needs to be native. I think it might just do the trick to create some kind of graphical box that can obtain text provided by the virtual keyboard. If you could start with that (if it's easier) you might accomplish the goal faster. I definitely want to be able to get creative and collect more information from my user, but it's definitely not something I need from the start.

    What kind of future release schedule might include this, months, years?
  • And furthermore, perhaps we could accomplish this via 3rd Party Plugin system you're providing us. We will have the ability to create Native code that goes with the device? It would definitely make things easier to have a text entry ability without creating a plugin to do it.
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    @Nathan a virtual keyboard, a text box, a radio button are perfect examples that can be done using the upcoming plugin system.

    Basically, as long as you are not touching the graphical layer (e.g sprites etc), you will pretty much do many things using these plugins (with C++, Java or Obj-C). Other good examples that fit to the plugin system are ads, analytics, IAP system, etc.

    Regarding timing, I do not want to promise but tomorrow we'll release the latest beta, and then start planning for the 2011.9 stable due next week. Plugin framework will immediately begin after then.

    Native dialogs (keyboard, textbox and dialog window) are due next version (2011.11 due late 2011) - so, just waiting a couple of months will do.

  • Gorkem,

    Thank you so much for the estimates. :)

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