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Gideros studio working with stuck performance(Freezing) - Gideros Forum

Gideros studio working with stuck performance(Freezing)

OrhunOrhun Member
edited November 2012 in Bugs and issues
Hi i am a new Gideros user.I installed all necessary softwares (JDK,Android sdk etc.) and the latest gideros version.
But my development environment working with low performance and my mouse icon is freezing time to time with having stuck.
It looks like there is a high weight over the cpu processor but there is no background tasks on my computer.I controlled it a few times.CPU weight isn't increasing than %10-13
My configuration is a PC with 64 bit windows 7, quadcore Q6600 processor,4 GB of Ram,Nvidia 8600GT video card,gigabyte motherboard,m-audio Audiophile 192 PCI sound card.
Has anyone lived this problem.


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