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Searching for Video Player Plug-in for IOS and Android (Paid job) — Gideros Forum

Searching for Video Player Plug-in for IOS and Android (Paid job)

talistalis Guru
edited November 2012 in Building a team?
Hi all,

I have one project in my hand, and i divided this project to managable pieces. And all gideros properties are sufficent for me to accomplish my project except for video support.

What i need is to play videos built-in in my my application from internet.(As streaming or local)
To do this i need android and ios plugins for video..
So i am searching to hire someone to help me in this project for theese plugins.

I don't want to offer any amount for now, so please say the amount what is in your mind like in freelancer.com in private message.

Job description:
-All written source code will be shared with me with documentation about how to use.
-The videos must be run inside the application and can be configured with lua code.(x,y coordinates size etc.)

-Here is an example of Corona SDK;s Video player property. Actually theese properties should be satisfied.

path (required)
String. The local filename or a remote URL for the video.

baseSource (optional)
Constant. Optional parameter that controls how the local filename path is interpreted. It can either be one of the system-defined directory constants, or media.RemoteSource (use this to access video on a remote server).

showControls (required)
Boolean. If true, then the user can adjust playback, e.g. start, stop, seek, etc.

listener (required)
Listener. Listener to notify when the video has ended. The listener can be either a function listener or a table listener. If listener is a table, it must have a completion method. The event dispatched to the listener will be a completion event.
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