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Problem for writing plugins with c on linux - Gideros Forum

Problem for writing plugins with c on linux

whhbestwhhbest Member
edited November 2012 in Plugins
Hi, all.
I use wine gideros, and compile the dll lib,when use it in lua code, it dosen't work. The code is below:



#include "gideros.h"

static int test(lua_State *ls)
const char*str = lua_tostring(ls, -1);
printf("print from c lib: %s\n", str);
return 0;

static const luaL_Reg testlib[] ={

{"test", test},

LUALIB_API int luaopen_test(lua_State*ls)
luaL_register(ls, "test", testlib);
return 1;

static void g_initializePlugin(lua_State* L)


lua_getglobal(L, "package");

lua_getfield(L, -1, "preload");

lua_pushcfunction(L, luaopen_test);

lua_setfield(L, -2, "test");

lua_pop(L, 2);


static void g_deinitializePlugin(lua_State *L)

{ }

REGISTER_PLUGIN("myFirstPlugin", "1.0")

Now i use "require(test)", it not work. when i use "package.loadlib("test.dll", "luaopen_test")", it also not work.
if anyone can tell me i miss something?


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