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Question on Mouse/Touch events (regarding tapCount) — Gideros Forum

Question on Mouse/Touch events (regarding tapCount)

zvardinzvardin Member
edited October 2012 in General questions
I noticed this tapCount variable isn't documented, but I was checking what variables were stored out of curiosity and noticed for mouseDown/mouseUp the tapCount seems to update nicely to check for double clicks etc. Out of curiosity I then checked if this variable existed for touch events and I noticed it does, but the value returned seems to be pretty random. Is this planned to work or are there any future plans for this?

I was starting work on a class to manage touch events and one thing I had thought of was creating something to detect the exact sort of thing and having a variable you could set for how much time to allow between clicks. Noticing it may already be built in got my hopes up (especially if we could set how much time to allow between clicks) so if anyone has tested this or if @atilim had a chance to shed some light on this would be greatly appreciated!


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