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Gideros for non-game apps? — Gideros Forum

Gideros for non-game apps?

darkwoofdarkwoof Member
edited September 2011 in General questions
Hi, I'm evaluating cross-platform (Android/iOS) frameworks with the intention of eventually developing both games as well as utility apps. I haven't read anything about standard UI controls, database support, etc. in the developer reference docs. How is Gideros positioned for non-game app development?



  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    We basically try to avoid the term "game" when it comes to applications that can be programmed with Gideros. With Gideros Studio, you may also code ebooks, educational applications, entertainment software and so on (as you know :)

    When it comes to standard UI controls, it's possible to give support for each widget but it'll consume too much energy and manpower, as it requires detailed examination of each UI, and these widgets should behave same under both platforms (iOS and Android). One exception to this would be a generic webview and a notification dialog which will be supported soon (in fact we're trying to put these features in our roadmap).
  • Darkwoof:

    You might want to also keep an eye on the 3rd party plugin threads, and the virtual keyboard threads on here. They would definitely be in your arena of needs.

    I'm also going to need some non-game apps, and I'd prefer to build them with an application that's geared towards gaming, mainly because I want to make sure I have that extra bit of energy behind my app when it comes time to dazzle my audience.

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