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IOS Only: Funky fluid UI with Hot Wax - Gideros Forum

IOS Only: Funky fluid UI with Hot Wax

bowerandybowerandy Guru
edited September 2012 in Plugins
Here's a demonstration of the possible integration between iOS UIViews and the rest of Gideros while using the Hot Wax plugin.

The UITextViews are wrapped by a general purpose wrapper sprite that exists within the Gideros scene hierarchy and so is able to interact with it. The UIViews still have to occupy the UI view controller that lies above the Gideros OpenGL layer but at least they are no longer completely independent of it.

I'll put up a blog post with code in the near future. If you haven't see the Hot Wax plugin before, you can find more details here.

best regards
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  • Dammm - that Hot Wax plugin just keeps getting better and better :), well done Andy
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