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Lua Glider 1.7 is out now with Gideros support - Gideros Forum

Lua Glider 1.7 is out now with Gideros support

evsevs Member
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Also supports MOAI as well as Plain Lua and Corona



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  • It looks amazing.
    Do you know if there is a page that confirms that all features available in the video for Corona are also available for Gideros (send events to simulator, and many others)?
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  • Hello,

    Sending events to the simulator does not currently work in Gideros or MOAI.

    Looking at the debugger source there only seems to be a Corona listener, so the other two fail.

    event recieved accelerometer nil nil nil
    ./CiderDebugger.lua:1080: attempt to index global 'Runtime' (a nil value)

    Hopefully this will be addressed in the future



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  • MellsMells Guru
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    @evs thank you for the information.
    I assume the team @mydevelopergames will detail the features and differences with what can be seen in the video (important) in a blog post or in the post dedicated to the beta version. :)

    Actually, sending events to the simulator is one thing that really caught my attention.
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    Hello All,

    Thanks for everyone's interest. Its true that Glider trial supports Gideros but it is still in beta. We are not selling it just yet as we need to get it to a workable state.

    "Looking at the debugger source there only seems to be a Corona listener"
    This is true for now. We will work on getting the remote operational in Gideros. We pushed it lower on our priority list for Gideros b/c of the ease of testing on the device.

    We will be working on a new website and tutorials/screenshots detailing the new features. Meanwhile we will be fixing many Lua parser bugs that will benefit all SDKs.

    "will detail the features and differences..."
    What is operational? Pretty much everything else. We are still learning the .gproj file format so that may have a few issues. The class aware autocomplete library is done. Breakpoints/call stacks/variables view also works. The rest are generic Lua editor features that should be indifferent to the SDK used.

    M.Y. Developers

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  • Update:
    1.7.07 supports accelerometer and gyroscope events. Please update via help->check for updates. You can enable the remote module via window->Ultimote

    Also various library autocomplete bugs have been fixed.

    M.Y. Developers
  • Hi,

    Just tried out the window -> ultimote stuff and not sure if I am doing this right or not.

    I have simple code like:

    local function onTilt( event )

    Runtime:addEventListener( "accelerometer", onTilt )

    So should just print "hello" into the simulator debug window when I change the tilt in the Ultimote window, but it does nothing?

    Am I missing something here?
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