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Beginner: How to add Application Icon for iPad app? - Gideros Forum

Beginner: How to add Application Icon for iPad app?

RickTRickT Member
edited December 2011 in General questions
It is my understanding that there must be a PNG named iTunesArtwork (without extension) for the app icon. How do we do this using Gideros?


  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    Afaik, iTunesArtwork is needed only for ad-hoc distribution. For app store distribution, Apple automatically put iTunesArtwork into the .ipa file from your 512x512 icon.

    For older devices, save your 57x57 icon as Icon.png. For the iPhone 4, save your 114x114 icon as Icon@2x.png. For iPad, save your 72x72 icon as Icon-iPad and add these icons to Resources group of exported Xcode project.

    To create these icons, I usually use iConify which can be found at Mac App Store http://itunes.apple.com/app/iconify/id416289784?mt=12 and it's free.
  • Thanks so much for the reply and the link to Iconify, it is a very useful tool.
    I added all the icons Iconify generated into the XCode project root directory, the Resources group, and then edited the "Icons" entry in the XCode project Info.plist.
    This link also helped me a lot:
  • Unfortunately, whenever I export the Gideros project to XCode project, the updated XCode project erases the "Icons" entry in info.plist and also removes the icon files from the Resource Group.
    The icon png files are still in the folder, but I have to add them back to the Resource Group and edit the info.plist after each export.
  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    There is a checkbox "Export assets only" at export dialog. If you check this, your Xcode project files won't be overwritten.
  • Thanks! I was not sure exactly what that meant. I will try it.
  • Here's a nice resource also, specifically the ItunesArtwork@2x


    Device/Screen File Name (PNG) Icon Size (pixels)
    iPhone and iPod
    Application Icon for iPhone (retina display) Icon@2x.png 114 x 114
    Application Icon icon for iPhone Icon.png 57 x 57
    Settings/Spotlight icon for iPhone (retina display) Icon-Small@2x.png 58 x 58
    Settings/Spotlight icon for iPhone Icon-Small.png 29 x 29
    Launch image Portrait (retina display) Default@2x.png 640 x 960
    Launch image Portrait Default.png 320 x 480
    Application Icon for the new iPad (retina display) Icon-72@2x.png 144 x 144
    Application Icon for the iPad Icon-72.png 72 x 72
    Settings/Spotlight icon for iPad Icon-Small-50@2x.png 100 x 100
    Settings/Spotlight icon for iPad Icon-Small-50.png 50 x 50
    Launch image Portrait (retina display) 1536 x 2008
    Launch image Portrait 768 x 1004
    Launch image Landscape (retina display) 2048 x 1496
    Launch image Landscape 1024 x 748
    iTunes App Store
    App icon for the App Store (retina display) iTunesArtwork@2x.png 1024 x 1024
    App icon for the App Store iTunesArtwork.png 512 x 512
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