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LuaFileSystem(lfs) plugin usage — Gideros Forum

LuaFileSystem(lfs) plugin usage

kussakovkussakov Member
edited August 2012 in Plugins

Thanks for adding LuaFileSystem plugin to Gideros!

I have a few questions:

1. I am trying to find out how to use it in an universal application that will work on Android and iOS.

2. Will it work with the Gideros player for say... iPad?

Sorry if those questions were already answered - I just could not find any instructions of how to use this very useful plugin.
All I could find was this: http://keplerproject.github.com/luafilesystem/




  • Sorry about that post. LFS works just fine. I have no cluse why before it was saying Module "lfs" not found. The only thing I have done was upgrade from 2012.8.1 to 2012.8.2 (which does not matter at all for lfs)...
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