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how to use in-app purchase on android — Gideros Forum

how to use in-app purchase on android

blackheartblackheart Member
edited August 2012 in General questions

There is no way? please tell me .
I must paste in-app purchase on Android!!!!
I want to communication gideros and native(eclipse) !!
I must gideros returen to eclispse And eclipse returen to Gideros .


  • Is there any built-in in-app purchase for Android now in Gideros? Been away for a while and I need to know as well.
  • As far as i know there is no unfortunately.
  • I figured as much. It's making it very difficult to use Gideros for a project for a client, will most likely have to take the plunge and get into something like Marmalade now.
  • So, is there any indication when this will be available? It seems a little odd to have a cross-platform solution like Gideros that doesn't include cross-platform support for in-app purchases. For iOS it's been included for a while and, whilst I can understand some difference in timings to add Android support, it seems like it's off the radar. I see that the roadmap has been removed now as well so I have no idea if it's even slated to come in the near future.

    Unfortunately it means that if you need in-app purchases then Gideros is a non-starter at the moment for cross-platform dev.
  • Well I'm getting more response on Twitter at least from Atilim/Gorkem. It sounds like it's not on the roadmap yet, but if I go into production for this client that needs it then they'll discuss how to put it on the roadmap.

    This is a bit bizarre, to be honest. It's important, it should already be in for both platforms for Gideros to be cross-platform. For Gideros to be considered cross-platform, features available on one should be available within a reasonable time on the other. I'm not sure I can start with Gideros for the client on the hopes that it appears in time. That's just asking for trouble.
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    Accepted Answer

    Cross-platform is a vague term, in our case it doesnt mean that we have to give two similar features at the same time. There are cases when one feature is requested a lot more than the corresponding one in other platform, and we feel ourselves stressed that we have to prioritize it. This is the case with IAP in Android - very few people asked for it, so we didnt see it as an urgent matter. So instead of trying to be on par with both platforms featurewise, we prioritize what people mostly ask for.

    It's not a rule of thumb, but if our paying clients ask us a specific feature, and it's also requested many times in forums, we give a big priority to that feature/bug. We cannot make everybody happy, there are times when something you ask may not be there immediately.

    Gideros Mobile is a small company compared to others, we dont have million-VC-funding, do not have any marketing budget and sometimes it's normal that things may go up and down. For example this summer we had a long vacation and somehow development went slow. GS is now more than 120.000 lines of code (excluding 3rd party libs, documentation, white lines etc) - there are many people in the forum coming from enterprise roots, clearly understanding what it takes to code, iterate, test for this much big software. This is why paying for your favorite app/service/utility etc is critical to its development. Most of us are not aware, however people make a living out of it, try to develop a bug-free, high performance application like Gideros Studio.
  • Oh right, I think I must have misunderstood the point of a cross-platform development system then. If you're going to concentrate on just iOS for features, with no short-term plan to include it in Android, then I may as well code directly in Xcode.

    The whole point of me moving from Xcode to Gideros was for cross-platform - without any fundamental belief from the company behind it that it is important to keep parity on functionality across platforms, then I don't quite see how I can continue to use it (over and above prototyping at any rate) as it sounds like it will be a constant battle to get equivalent functionality on Android.

    As for the last paragraph, I've been a developer for over 20 years and I'm fully aware what it takes to code, iterate and test products (in fact I've designed, developed and sold many packages over the years and continue to do so - one, a large scale product, that I've designed and developed for 10 years). I always have customers request new features and I understand that time is not infinite and that you cannot always please the customer, especially for small companies. But that's really not what this is about, it's about whether the developers behind Gideros hold the cross-platform tenet above all others and from your reply it doesn't seem like that's the case. So the disparity between what's available on one or the other platforms is likely to increase.

    As for paying, I purchased a Gideros license the day they were made available. Not that this should make any difference to the importance of my view - I only mention that because of the last couple of lines in your reply. I acutely understand the importance of supporting developers of products I use and always do so.
  • NascodeNascode Guru
    edited August 2012
    Yes i myself thought that no official iAP for Android seems a little bit dissapointment. But given enough time and knowledge, is it not possible to write a plugin for that?

    For me, Gideros already helps in term of cross platform 2d graphic & audio. And with only small team behind build Gideros, i only could give the team my applause.

    Your case is not unique, we need special capabilities too with our current client projects like ads system, gree openfeint, tapjoy, facebook, etc. But since we know it's achievable via plugins, we are willing to give it a try, and in the end give a contribution to Gideros community :)
    have fun with our games~
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    So the disparity between what's available on one or the other platforms is likely to increase.
    This is not true (how did you come to this conclusion? :-) ). Cross-platform is a 100lbs gorilla terminology on our shoulders, and we are doing our best to support both platforms in an equal manner.

    If you decide to start with development of your product your client asks for, let's talk again on how to put it in the roadmap.
  • @Nascode
    I'm sure it could be possible to write a plugin, but I'm not a Java developer and really don't have the time to learn another language. If somebody else wants to write one and it's well priced I'll purchase it.

    I came to that conclusion from the evidence, in-app purchases doesn't appear to be on your roadmap at all at the moment. I see SQLite isn't supported on Android either. Not that I need it but the point remains, disparity is already being introduced and this is likely to increase - it's already happening. Cross-platform is the only draw to me using Gideros, so 100lbs gorilla or not, I'm sure I'm not alone in only coming to it because it enables us to develop once for multiple platforms. But that only works if major features are supported cross-platform.

    As for the offer of talking again on how to put it in the roadmap if full development goes ahead (a prototype has already been developed using Gideros), I'm not sure that's really good enough for me. I wouldn't be willing to take the risk of developing the project using Gideros with no guarantee that it would be available and tested by the time I've finished. That way disappointing clients and much stress lies. I've been there before.
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    @moopf we'll do whatever we can for you, as we did before. Let's wait until we organize the roadmap again - most of the items there were sent to "unplanned", that is unplanned in terms of time.
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