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Pls player (Radio app streaming audio from web) - Gideros Forum

Pls player (Radio app streaming audio from web)

Nydus85Nydus85 Member
edited July 2012 in Plugins
There is a plugin that reads "pls" from a streaming mp3?
I noticed the ability to download files from the internet with gideros but not to accept an audio stream.
Or should build from the stream pls some mp3 5 seconds long to bedownloaded and played from gideros in chain, but it seems a complex thing.



  • This might be one of those projects that the socket class would be helpful for. I'd imagine you could either download the files directly to a temporary folder and play them, or you might be able to even open a stream directly with the socket and play it as it downloads.

    I myself don't have any experience with setting up streaming radio in an app, but that would be where I would start if I were trying to :)
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