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Is device testing slower than final app? — Gideros Forum

Is device testing slower than final app?

ondesicondesic Member
edited July 2012 in General questions
I have been testing gideros on the phone through the wireless connection. It seems that there is a slight delay to my actions. I haven't made an .apk yet. Is the apk much faster than the emulation?


  • According to my observations with Page Curl Effects code with 100 pages inside:

    1-Emulator is the fastest one(Gideros Built in player comes with gideros studio) No lag at all.
    2-Real Device Player (There is some lag compared to emulator)

    I don't know how the device player and apk differs from each other really. Normally emulator is acting like superman always and doesnt care about how big the sprite files are or how bad you coded with memory leaks:)
  • @talis if you are outputting any text to the Gideros Studio log while using the wireless testing you will find it adds a lot of lag. The same is true if you are running the APK while plugged into debugging mode on Android devices.

    Basically be sure to turn off the text outputs from your app while testing or you will find it's a bit slower for sure. (print functions etc)

    The apk seems to run faster once you do an install like a normal application. (Also note, if you are exporting a signed apk and installing that it will run faster, since it isn't in debug mode like when you hit Run from Eclipse.)

    The short answer is in my opinion and experience, yes the device player will be slower then the end result apk. And as @talis mentioned the Built in Computer Emulator is faster of course as it has the computer's CPU backing it up along with massive ram compared to the phones)
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  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    edited July 2012
    An addition to @talis and @Teranth, you can change the print function with an empty one:
    function print()
    to improve the speed before releasing your app. (put it to init.lua which is executed before other .lua files)

    But even if you change the global print function, a function call like:
    print("str 1"..myvariable.."str 2")
    still concatenates the strings. Therefore try to avoid string concatenation if possible as:
    print("str 1", myvariable, "str 2")
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