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Gideros Studio UI

talistalis Guru
edited July 2012 in Suggestions & requests
Hi everyone,

First of all as in my all posts i am pointing out, Gideros is doing a great job with its' community, developers etc...
I searched the forum and could'not find a post about it so here is a small suggestion from me about Gideros Studio.

I would like to change the colors of the UI where i wrote my code(editor). Usually i am living night and coding also at night. So white background really killing my eyes:) (My OS i wondows and i couldn't find any setting about it)

I guess that old Delphi developers kinda missing green fonts with black background like me:D Now i am writing in notepad++ and pasting to Gideros Studio. It will be really great if we can change it inside Gideros Studio somehow.

Thanks in advance,


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