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how to list contents of a Directory?! - Gideros Forum

how to list contents of a Directory?!

katzekatze Member
edited June 2012 in General questions
Hey, i try to find out how i could list the contents of a Direcotry.
If i want to have a table with all the names of the files in "|D|savegames" for example, how would i do it?
all i found with google is some strange stuff that seems not to work with gideros so far.
anyone know how? =)


  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    Currently it's not possible to list the contents of a directory, however It'll be available with LuaFileSystem plugin support, due next release ;-)
  • katzekatze Member
    ah i thought so, but i hoped there is a workaround until the lfs came out.
    but then i just will add this feature later, and just use some kinds of slots =)
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