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Mobile server



  • The code is pretty much game specific and might not be much use for other projects. Bit it is split into two parts: The Server module, and the AI module. The server module just handles multiple connections and message passing between the AI Module and the iOS clients (or any client that uses TCP sockets).

    But I do have what I call an "TOT AI Modders Kit" which includes the all the code and API. And there is a special version of the game (iOS only) that has the ability to enter the IP address of the machine on which the AI server is running. Then you can modify the AI server code and instantly see how the AI will play against you. This version of the game is in the App Store but I have it priced very high to keep people from buying it. ( http://bit.ly/O0H1C4 ). The reasoning is, if somebody is interested (really interested) in building custom AIs, I give them the "TOT AI Modders Kit" and a promotion code so that the special build of the game in the App Store can be downloaded for free. But I don't want to give this out to people who just want to use the code for other reasons.

    Also the server will run on a Mac (or Windows although never tried). All you need is Lua and LuaSocket installed. If you want to run it on an iOS device you need iLuaBox + LuaSocket option which is pretty expensive. http://www.mobileappsystems.com/software/iluabox
    Dan Huffman, Creator of The Octagon Theory
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