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APPLICATION_SUSPEND on Andorid — Gideros Forum


kussakovkussakov Member
edited May 2012 in Game & application design

I seem to have a little problem while testing on Andorid.
When you lock the device the application does not seem to suspend.
Per docs and examples:
"Event.APPLICATION_SUSPEND is dispatched when the application goes to background. When an application goes to background, Event.ENTER_FRAME and Event.TIMER events are not dispatched until the application is resumed from background"

I simply added a print on ENTER_FRAME. It works and prints even when the device is locked on Andorid.
It keeps working fully in the background... Basically it kills the devuce in about 2 hours(depending on a battery life).

I see apps that recognze this event.
Is it suppose to get APPLICATION_SUSPEND in that case?
Or is this a different event on Andorid?

Any advice is appreciated...




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