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xmake build system for linux (so far) — Gideros Forum

xmake build system for linux (so far)

PaulRPaulR Member, Maintainer
I've pushed the xmake build files to my fork, which is stuck at 2021.12 for the moment since I started the process pre-Luau revolution:


Instructions for use in xmake.lua in the root directory.

I think it might be a nice long term fit. Since it is compatible with every platform Gideros targets it could replace template files and multiple build files per plugin.

(Bundling xmake and zig with Gideros would give a full build system and Zig/C/C++ compiler/linker to play with at runtime too. :) )

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  • PaulRPaulR Member, Maintainer
    edited September 15
    It turns out that the xmake-pkgs directory was getting caught by an entry in .gitignore, I've force added it to the repo. Clones should build now.


    CI caught that there were erroneous links to lua (instead of gidlua). That's fixed.

    Also CI caught a bug in xmake with Qt builds involving the order of building UI files and running moc. That got fixed in a day!
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