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google maps

can we download data from google maps and store in apps folder for offline usage
of course im thinking small areas like couple of cities

somehow i would like to
make it work without maps being downloaded over and over again due to internet limit

and another question
is it possible to use gps loc. to google map coordinate


  • piepie Member
    There is a google map plugin by hgy29 somewhere which is also capable to load openstreetmap.
    I don't think you can use google services in your app without a paid API

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Actually google maps service are free to a certain extent, but for that you'd better use their API and let them manage the map caching for you. The other way is to load tiles yourself if you can find the urls, but that it is a violation of google maps policy.

    I use map services a lot in my geolocation app. I have two map engines implemented:
    - a native google maps plugin for iOS and Android: I put the native map view under gideros canvas and make gideros background transparent, after what I can draw over the native map
    - a pure lua based map engine that fetch tiles from own OpenStreetMap server

    There is also a map plugin (by @PaulH) in gideros that can show the native iOS or Android map and have the ability to place markers. See http://forum.giderosmobile.com/discussion/6840/new-plugin-available-native-mapping-for-android-ios#latest

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