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You've got a fun game. How do you make money from it? - Page 2 — Gideros Forum

You've got a fun game. How do you make money from it?



  • @PaulH, when i've published my game i've been contacted by some lesser youtubers and they asked for reasonable money to promote/mention my game. yet i've rejected it, as i doubted if it's worth. so yes, i'm also interested in if it's worth.
  • PaulH said:

    There's seems to be promise in getting reviewed by a social media influencer. A marketing friend of mine suggested that's the most promising, least expensive path in the current market. Apart from events/competitions specifically to promote games, has anyone tried reaching out to an influencer? Like sending a message to somebody who has a lot of subscribers on YouTube for relevant videos, to try to negotiate a deal to get them to promote or review a game?

    The problem of promoting the game through bloggers is that there is no analytics about these people, and if the ads fall outside your target audience - they can harm your game by increasing the number of game deletions by placing 1 star, etc. And the cost of advertising will be greater than in social networks

    When ordering ads via Facebook or Adwords - you know that your ads will only be seen by your target audience, from your country of interest, with the interests you need, and most importantly, that audience sits on mobile devices.

    Promote game through video bloggers is good for console games, but not for mobile games

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