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Some considerations about MediaKit

This is not a case study guide or study. It is just notes and observations of some experiences involving the dissemination of softwares and games.

Building a MediaKit

What I call MediaKit here is a set of tools, files and data used to help spread the projects to new people. Among the items I have noticed that bring a greater return in terms of the interest of a possible consumer audience of your product are:

Presentation letter

A descriptive text that presents your product, describes its features and highlights points that it deems interesting. I recommend writing it in a way close to the journalistic text to serve as a basis for presentation on websites, blogs, video bloggers, youtube channels and podcasts. The text has to be straightforward and easy to understand. Avoid stretching the subject too much. I recommend after writing it ask / hire someone for a complete review.

Images for dissemination

It is recommended that you have some high resolution images to help advertisers illustrate articles and videos that talk about your product. I believe the following list highlights the most important image types for this:

Logo in different sizes in PNG format (transparent background). It is interesting that the image has square dimensions and the logo is centered in the center leaving some margins on the side.

At least five images with real product quality, that is the scenes of the game in action. Choose images of moments that stand out in the eye.
It is extremely important to have at least six images of the game in "high quality". All the journalists I questioned (bloggers and bloggers), bloggers and videologger say that even indie games from larger studios with famous games do not do that, making it difficult to write or publish an article or note to display the app.
In the stores often these images is that it allows to create the interest of experimenting in the players.

Drawn images that do not necessarily show actual images of the product. Generally elaborate illustrations that are of artistic value, accompanied by the logo and references to the product. Produce them in different resolutions with appropriate cutouts and repositioning logos, texts etc. taking into account different devices such as social networks (1200x1000), wallpapers for computers (proportions in 4: 3 and 16: 9), wallpapers for mobile phones (ratio of 9:16) and thumbnails for websites and applications (460x215).

Advertising stickers
Videos that vary from 30 seconds to 1:30 minutes that present the product to those consumed. It must be elaborated and edited in a way that arouses the curiosity of the viewer in knowing more about the product. Although not a "rule" the following structure has presented more results:
  1. A 5-second call that seeks to grab the viewer's attention to see the rest of the video. An image that arouses curiosity, a catchy phrase. Something very short and straightforward;
  2. Introduction of up to 15 seconds for the presentation of the product and its strengths;
  3. Demonstration of the main features offered in up to 15 seconds to display other points of the product that are interesting as systems, differentials, usability, community, etc .;
  4. Add a reward of up to 10 seconds to the viewer who accompanied the video so far. It can be a "fanservice", a comic strip, an image or action that fast but that marks the memory of the viewer and makes a "hook" for more possible possibilities that the product provides;
  5. Semi static final poster that highlights the logo, way of purchase, forms of contacts and social networks of the product.

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