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SceneManager additions

ndossndoss Guru
edited April 2012 in Suggestions & requests
We've made the following additions to our version of scene manager:

1. Added option to SceneManager:changeScene to filter out a list of events during screen transitions
2. Added option to SceneManager:changeScene to pass user data to scene constructors
3. Moved delta addition to end of onEnterFrame so that time goes from 0 to 1 instead of (0+detlaTime) to 1
4. Added additional "real time" argument when dispatching transition events. Along with change #3, a user can now look at the additional argument to determine when a transition begins (true time=0) and when it ends (true time=1). We're using this to be able to do things like adding (removing) sprites when the transition begins (ends).

@atilim: I forked the Gideros scene manager github project (https://github.com/ndoss/Scene-Manager), made these changes, and sent you a pull request in case you want to pull them into the official scene manager.


Although it's not very interesting, here's an example of changes 1, 3, & 4:

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