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what sdk to use for a fbpage/blog/newsfeed-type app? — Gideros Forum

what sdk to use for a fbpage/blog/newsfeed-type app?

keszeghkeszegh Member
edited February 2013 in General questions
disclaimer: this question is not much about gideros, but perhaps you can help me out, so let me ask it anyway.

a friend of mine wants an app for android+ios that feeds news about his club (posts with news, photos, videos), with push-notifications.
so basically it is like an app that shows a given facebook page or blog, but as a 'native' app, with the addition that you can push whatever notification you like.
what sdk do you recommend for this? i'm only familiar with gideros, but it definitely seems to be not the right choice for this. any html5-based cross-platform sdk? as i have only vague ideas about these and don't have much time to try each sdk one by one, i ask your help.



  • Gideros could / should easily be able to do this, especially if your streaming content using simple http requests, the push notification might be a little more awkward but there are plenty of third party systems you could integrate fairly easily, it'll just require effort on behalf of the app owner to signal the new notifications with whatever third party library you use.
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  • keszeghkeszegh Member
    edited February 2013
    sounds reassuring, yet i don't have any idea how to start.
    -first is there any easy way to visualize html data in gideros? or should i make custom http requests, e.g. for videos i should send the screenshot of the video plus a link to the video itself and then by clicking in the app one can open the video? for text, i should just send the text and then format it manually within gideros?
    -about push notifications, what third party apps are tested with gideros?
    -all the above if you have examples/resources/links, i will be glad to have them.
  • @techdojo correct me if I'm wrong, but you'd also need to subscribe to push notifications, thus the need for plugin to do it, don't you?
  • i cannot push my own notifications from inside gideros? if i can seed and show html then this seems to be easy to seed some html with the list of notifications and if there is new, i just push it directly (with no 3rd party app subscription) - but for this i would need a plugin i assume.
    for all these reasons i might believe that there is an sdk aimed for such particular use.
  • Sorry I might have misinterpreted what you meant by pushing notifications.
    If you meant retrieving list of new items through HTTP, then nothing more is needed, I thought you meant the push notifications, that are sent to apple/android servers and then directed to specific mobile phones that has the app installed and are subscribed to listening service.

    The only thing is basically a webview to render HTML inside it, which for now can be used through plugins.
  • To be honest, I'm not 100% sure of the procedure for push notifications, there are a lot of third party providers, I imagine that most of them will provide you with what ever setup code you need. You might then need to include this code either in a plugin or potentially via the Wax plugin.

    As for rendering content, if (again using Wax) you create a HTML view then you could just pass in the source (for remote pages this doesn't actually work as well as you'd hope), alternatively you'd have to parse the content yourself (which is actually very easy to do in lua if you know the page structure) and then just render the results - this gives a much nicer, cleaner finish that's much easier to control and validate.

    I've rendered pages made up from twitter feeds, rss, as well as random html pages containing product descriptions, including remotely loaded images. When you make a http request to a page, you literally get returned the same HTML string that the browser would see, just extract the relevant info using the lua string library and create appropriate instances of child objects (text, image etc).

    One tip though - You'll probably want to come up with your own scroll view widget so you can deal with content that's bigger than the screen.
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  • hi,
    about push notifications i meant what it means usually, although parallelly i was asking about getting updates from html. about push, i thought that it can be made without any service, like the app stays resident in the background and checks for news regularly in some way and if there is any updates then shows a pop-up notification about it. but it seems that it does not work like this? (then why are many of my apps resident on android, instead of one 'push notification' process?) so i don't understand completely how it works but so far i've found some html5 based thing which may do the stuff i need maybe more easily then i could do in gideros.
    still, it is just theoretical and only after one day of looking into it.
    thanks for the ideas so far.
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    It's the OS that checkes whether a push notification for that particular application is received or not. When a message is retrieved, it's sent to application. Things work slightly different in iOS & Android, but basically it's like that. You need a native push notification SDK so when you receive a push event, your app can properly handle it.
  • @gorkem
    i think i read somewhere that count.ly will support cross platform push-notification? ;)
    have fun with our games~
  • gorkemgorkem Maintainer
    Push notifications plus user analytics plus funnels plus... ;)
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