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Can I implement a 3rd party SDK in the exported Android project? - Gideros Forum

Can I implement a 3rd party SDK in the exported Android project?

Hey team!

Is it possible for me to implement a 3rd party SDK once the project has been exported and opened in Android Studio? I don't need any action to be happening inside the app to trigger anything, I just need the SDK to do its thing when the app is running.

I tried to add the SDK I downloaded from GitHub and placed in ./app/libs/the-sdk as an imported Gradle project into my Android Studio project and updated the dependencies and buildscript as per their instructions but that didn't quite work out.

It's worth noting I'm a bit of an Android Studio noob, I've got more of an Xcode background.

This is the thing I'm trying to implement:

They reckon I'm trying to compile the SDK instead of adding it as a dependency but really I'm trying to add it as a dependency.

I thought we were able to add 3rd party things outside of the Lua code right? (I figured getting the Lua bits talking to the Android bits is what gets you the big bucks but not relevant to me in this scenario)

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